Kid Sublime / Hot Water Music

Price : 2,484 yen(tax in)
Label : Teppen Records
Format : CD

01. Conichiwa : The Intro
02. Povermoov (feat Myself)
03. Fly Away (feat Rencen Cool Bean & Kid Sublime as Eli Fnt Soop)
04. The Passion Of Beat
05. Rules (feat Tableek)
06. The Kid Skit
07. One For Cee (feat Cee Major)
08. The Tokyo Shit (feat Cannonball Adderley)
09. The Nippon Fluteloop (feat Buzz)
10.What Lies Beneath Skit
11.Music (feat Dudley Perkins aka Dr.Shroomman & George-Anne Muldrow)
12.Thank Ya’ll : The Outro
13.A Brand New Day(feat wisesensei)

詳細、購入はMailman Records
04. For the love of you produced by ABOA KOGA 06. Bases loaded produced by Leo 11. Idensi produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats 01. 怪しげな街 produced by DJ JUCO 02. Beyond the walls produced by ABOA KOGA 03. Buckdown feat.Deeego produced by ABOA KOGA 05. A luvsup feat.DJ CUTS produced by WISESENSEI 07. One in a million produced by LADI DADI 08. Peace of mind produced by ABOA KOGA 09. 永久の空 feat. 宇宙灯ル produced by BOTTOM FLY 10. Rasing song produced by LADI DADI
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